Welcome to NASAMW

Purpose: NASAMW is a volunteer, not-for-profit organization which exists to promote its members' interests in the hobby of miniatures wargaming. It seeks to fulfill this mandate by:

1. Providing its members with a knowledge of ancient and medieval history.

2. Providing the means for the exchange of information and ideas about ancient and medieval warfare.

3. Providing an organized venue for the reconstruction of ancient and medieval warfare through miniatures wargaming.

4. Providing its members with an organization and other support through which they can contribute to the overall growth of the hobby by volunteering at tournaments and in other projects, writing for the society's media, and running their own events or tournaments.

Historicon is Coming!

The next big event can be highlighted in this section.

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On the Web

News from the web..historical or of general interest

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In the US

Regional happenings and features. Blogs of interest...

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Members in Action

This could feature how members run games, their blogs, photos, etc

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